The main characteristics of stable heavy shelves
Heavy shelves, by columns, beams, transverse bracing, bracing and self-locking bolt assembly and can effectively prevent the loosening of bolts caused the shelves of instability. The high quality cold-rolled steel plate by roll forming. The post can be up to six metres high and no seams in the middle crossbeam using high-quality steel, large bearing capacity, not easy to deformation.
Main features of heavy shelf:
1, heavy shelf column by column, transverse bracing, bracing connected with bolts and; column and a p type closed beam inserting rack, the safety pin is fixed, the structure is simple and reliable; steel plate placed on the beam forming rack. Each layer can be adjusted to 75mm step by step.
2, heavy shelves can be with the size of the beam, the thickness of the plate, the number of reinforcement to determine the level of the load requirements, in the relative length and material requirements of the case, the maximum load can reach 2500kg/ layer.
3, under normal circumstances, the height of the column is not more than 12 meters, and can be built on the shelf of the shelves of the attic shelves.
4, heavy shelves used in various industries, low cost, safe and reliable, assembly, disassembly is simple; can be used alone, can also be used in the form of the main, the deputy.
Can be seen, heavy shelves or have a lot of characteristics, is one of the most common and widely used in storage shelves, suitable for most of the warehouse or product use. At the same time is also a strong recommendation of the shelves of Beijing shelf, the shelf into the storage of professional manufacturers, put an end to inferior products. The article comes from:
Tags: warehouse shelves, light shelves, medium-sized shelves, attic shelves
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