Beijing shelf introduces specific sell shelf place

Many customers to open a processing plant or supermarket, the Beijing shelf often on the Internet to ask where to sell the shelves in Beijing? How to choose the shelf? In fact, the Beijing local factory is also good, but in the country to see the Beijing local shelves regardless of quality, color, production capacity, service ability has a good reputation, so that we can be assured that the choice of Beijing local factory!

Today to introduce Beijing double edge shelf factory, double edge shelf factory address in Beijing City Weiyang District Beichen Road unity village industrial park, telephone number is: 029-86617334!!!!!!!!!

Beijing shelves is a specializes in the supermarket shelves, storage shelves, heavy shelves, shelf angle, showing shelf of the production and sales, has shelf production of national patent technology, won the national famous brands such as honor.

Shelf main products: large, medium and small storage shelf, titanium alloy products shelves, supermarket shelves, angle iron shelves, wooden showcase, and so on. The company had in March 2009 was awarded the Beijing municipal government: consumer satisfaction units, China's famous brand, double edge shelf unique shelf production and production, cutting, automatic equipment is very complete, with the national patent department issued a patent certificate, but also the Beijing shelf industry sales of the largest manufacturers.


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