Gravity shelves use safety instructions

1, anti overload: gravity type shelf goods store each layer weight shall not exceed the maximum load carrying capacity.

2, super wide: shelf height, layer width has been restricted, and board size of goods should be slightly less than the net space 100mm.

3, anti collision: forklift during operation, should be handled with care.

4, anti top-heavy: should be put on the bottom of high light, heavy principle.

5, avoid using standard platform board (board) on the shelf, Sichuan word at the end of the most suitable.

6, the shelves are placed at the top of the goods, the gravity of the shelf operator to try not to enter the bottom of the shelf directly.

If there is a serious damage to the beam and column of the rack, the company should be informed of the replacement of the shelf. There is a wholesale need to come to the company.

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